Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law
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Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

As a business owner, keeping informed about the finer points of employment law is important. If you're getting ready to hire your first employees, you need to be sure that you understand exactly what you can and cannot do. Don't risk getting yourself into legal trouble by asking the wrong question at the interview or making an off-hand comment that's considered legally unacceptable. I created this site to give you the basics of employment law expectations. I hope that the information here helps you to understand what you should and shouldn't do as you're interviewing and hiring your first staff members.


Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

  • Are You Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Car Accident Case?

    17 December 2015

    If you have recently been in a car accident, it is possible that you have lawyered up and are heading to court. Unfortunately, it is incredibly common for people to lose their cases simply because of one of these mistakes. If you want to ensure that you get what you deserve in court, it is essential that you pay attention to avoid these common mistakes. 1. You have lied. It's pretty easy not to lie, but so many people do it anyway.

  • Top Three Best Ways To Lose A Workers Compensation Case

    2 December 2015

    Filing a workers compensation claim is lengthy and very difficult. There are several things that can either delay your case, or cause your case to be denied. Sadly, many employees are unaware of the steps that must be taken in order for your case to go smoothly. Below is a list of the most crucial mistakes that you can make while going through a workers compensation case that will ultimately result in the denial of your claim.

  • Which Trust Can You Use To Protect A Financially Irresponsible Beneficiary?

    13 November 2015

    If you concerned that a beneficiary will squander his or her inheritance, you can take action while estate planning to prevent this. There are two types of trust that are specifically designed to ensure that your beneficiary does not misuse his or her inheritance. To help ensure you select the trust that meets your needs, it is important to know the key aspects of each. Sprinkling Trust A sprinkling trust gives the trustee the power to determine how and when funds are distributed to the beneficiary.

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    27 October 2015

    If you are suffering from an injury caused by another party's negligence, you are likely hoping that the at-fault party's insurance company will do the right thing and offer you a fair settlement. In some cases, you simply cannot rely on the other side's insurance company to compensate you. If you are the victim of a more difficult-to-prove or complicated injury, you will likely require the services of a personal injury attorney to help you get fairly compensated.

  • Making Best Use Of VA Claim Delay And Appeal Time

    12 October 2015

    Waiting for a response from the Veterans Affairs (VA) claim system can be a time-consuming and worrying ordeal. For many veterans, there isn't a lot of useful information that comes back from the VA, which means many attempts at progress are halted. It's hard to get safe and accurate information that the VA needs if you don't know what they're looking for, but an overview of VA expectations can give you a better idea of the kinds of statements and evidence you'll need.