Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law
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Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

As a business owner, keeping informed about the finer points of employment law is important. If you're getting ready to hire your first employees, you need to be sure that you understand exactly what you can and cannot do. Don't risk getting yourself into legal trouble by asking the wrong question at the interview or making an off-hand comment that's considered legally unacceptable. I created this site to give you the basics of employment law expectations. I hope that the information here helps you to understand what you should and shouldn't do as you're interviewing and hiring your first staff members.


Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

2 Reasons to Hire an Auto-Accident Attorney

Irene Robertson

One of the most important calls that you can make after you have been involved in an auto accident is to an attorney, mostly because of the various ways in which he or she can help you win a case against the individual who struck you or a settlement from his or her insurance company. Listed below are two reasons to hire an auto-accident attorney.

Can Protect You from Being Held Liable for the Accident

One of the biggest reasons to hire an auto-accident attorney is to make sure that you are protected from being held liable for the accident. In many cases, the person that actually struck your vehicle may attempt to claim that you did something wrong and were at fault for the accident in order to avoid having to pay for any repairs on your vehicle, increased insurance rates, or any of your or your passengers' medical bills.

In order to dispute this claim, your auto-accident attorney will make sure to collect as much evidence as possible to make sure that the blame for the accident falls squarely on the shoulders of the person who actually caused it. One way in which your auto-accident attorney will do this will be to look for any proof that there was negligence involved in the way that the other driver was operating his or her vehicle, such as by interviewing witnesses to the accident in order to see whether they believe that the driver was speeding or driving recklessly.

In addition, your auto-accident attorney may take things a step further and decide to look into the phone records of the individual who struck your vehicle. This is often very useful, as it may prove that the person who struck your vehicle was texting or doing something on his or her phone in the moments leading up to the accident, and that can prove that the driver was being negligent.

Can Work on a Contingency Basis

Another great reason to consider working with an auto-accident attorney after you have been involved in an accident is the fact that they can work on a contingency basis. When an attorney works on a contingency basis, it typically means that they are not going to charge you any money upfront, and if they lose the case, they will not charge you anything at all.

The only way that your attorney actually gets paid when he or she works on a contingency basis is if you win your case, at which point he or she is going to take a portion of the money that you are awarded in the auto-accident case. This means you should feel free to hire an attorney to help you deal with your auto-accident case without worrying about any potential financial obligations that you may not be able to afford.

Make an appointment with a personal-injury attorney today in order to discuss how they may be able to assist you with your auto-accident case. A personal-injury attorney such as Kathleen Kentish Lucero Atty At Law can protect you from being held liable for the accident while also working on a contingency basis.