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Treating Both Genders Equally When It Comes to Child Custody

Understanding The Basics Of Safe Winter Driving To Avoid Personal Injury Risks

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With winter weather in full swing in many areas of the country, the risk of accidents is increasing. The better prepared you are for the season’s weather, the safer you will be on the road. Whether you’re experienced with driving in the snow or not, you should be attentive to your winter preparations and behaviors. Negligence on the road can leave you facing a potential personal injury suit. Here’s a look at some of the things that you need to know to minimize your risk. Pre-Season Preparations Take some time to make sure that your car is ready for the wintery roads. Schedule an appointment with your mechanic to have the battery, tires, brakes, defroster and wipers checked out and replaced if needed. You’ll also want to have your coolant checked to be sure that the mixture doesn’t contain too much water. Stock Up On Safety Supplies If you’re in an accident in snowy weather, you need to be sure that your car is stocked and prepared to keep you and any passengers safe. This helps protect you against negligence for failing to adequately prepare and protect those in your vehicle. Some of the key things to stock up on include flashlights, jumper cables, an ice scraper, a collapsible snow shovel, a bag of sand or kitty litter, some emergency flares, warming blankets, and even some emergency food. Don’t let your gas tank drop too low; otherwise, you’ll risk running out of gas or potentially developing condensation in the tank. Don’t Be Negligent Going into any trip unprepared is a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re dealing with winter weather in addition to the trip. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’re tired, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired. Not only can that be disastrous with winter weather, but it can leave you facing a liability claim in a personal injury suit if something does happen. Remember to follow the necessary road safety rules by leaving a couple of car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Following too close can leave you at risk of an accident on slippery roads, and it can leave you liable for injuries. With these tips, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road this winter. Take time to prepare so that you don’t find yourself at risk of a personal injury lawsuit. If you do find yourself involved in an accident, talk with a personal injury attorney at a law firm like Risley Law Firm, P.C. about the case to see what options are...

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4 Estate Planning Mistakes You Want To Avoid

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At the very least, it is common knowledge that everyone should have a will. Unfortunately, a will may not be enough, and can cause your heirs to be shortchanged. A will is only a single part of estate planning, because a will cannot accomplish everything that needs to be done. Keep reading to understand what to expect by using a will and additional estate planning methods. Making Burial Wishes A mistake that some people make is listing their wishes for their funeral in their will. The problem is that it can be difficult to locate a will immediately after someone dies, and those instructions may not be found until after the funeral happens. If you have specific instructions for your funeral, it’s important that you give them to a family member that you trust, and that this document is separate from your will. It is the best way to ensure your instructions are found and followed after you pass away. Setting Inheritance Conditions Some people like to put conditions on receiving an inheritance. Be aware that not all states allow you to do this, and doing so can invalidate your entire will. There may only be reasonable conditions that can be set, such as using inherited money for an intended purpose. This is often done to for a loved one’s education. Always check with an estate planning attorney to make sure that any conditions you want are legal. Placing conditions on an inheritance also places the burden on your estate’s executor, since they are responsible for enforcing any conditions you request. Giving Inheritance To Pets Pets are only considered as property, not a person that you can leave any an inheritance to. Be aware of what you can and cannot do involving your pet. Many people decide to leave a pet to a loved one, and also provide money to take care of the pet. The money can be conditional and used explicitly for pet needs, or be given without conditions. Transferring Financial Accounts Many types of financial accounts, such as a savings account or retirement account, have systems in place where the accounts are passed onto a beneficiary upon your death. This helps to account be transferred quickly, and won’t require it to go through a will and the probate process. Know that if these accounts have a beneficiary, you do not need to list them again in your will. For more tips to avoid mistakes, work with your estate planning lawyer, such as David S. Riehl, Attorney At...

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Saddled with Medical Debt And Thinking of Bankruptcy? Don’t Be Shocked If Your Bankruptcy Attorney Advises Against Filing

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According to a 2005 study, a whopping 46% of bankruptcies have to do with medical conditions and expenses. Inadequate health insurance can easily lead to overwhelming medical debt, but so can just having a chronic or devastating health condition that leaves you struggling with co-pays and uncovered expenses. Is bankruptcy necessarily the best option? Maybe not. Don’t be shocked if you meet with a bankruptcy attorney who ends up advising you not to file for relief. Here are some reasons that this happens. You can’t file on the medical debt alone. Your medical debt is considered “unsecured” debt, which means that it can be wiped out by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, you can’t file on just your medical debt—which often means that you have to list bills that you’d just as soon continue paying, like those from your credit cards. If you’ve avoided the trap of maxing out your credit cards to try to pay the medical debt, you may have several cards that you would like to keep. Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose which creditors you want to pay because that’s considered preferential treatment. Filing for bankruptcy could leave you without the credit necessary to qualify for any new credit cards for a while, and that might leave you without a safety net for emergencies.  You might be better off simply ignoring the debt. As difficult as it is to consider leaving a load of debt hanging over your head, you may be in a situation in which doing exactly that is preferable to filing for bankruptcy. While your credit is going to be damaged by the medical debt, bankruptcy is going to damage your credit as well. While each situation is unique, here are some general guidelines that could tell you that bankruptcy might not be the best choice. Your medical condition is chronic, and the medical bills are mostly related to hospital visits.  Your condition is severe enough that you’ve become disabled and your only income comes from disability payments. You don’t have any significant assets, like a home with significant equity, to protect. You’re current on your utility and rent or mortgage payments. While it’s frustrating to deal with the collection agents and the pressure to pay up, you may be in a position where your medical condition has made you virtually “judgment proof,” and your creditors know it. Unless you have significant savings, if your only income is now disability payments through Social Security or the VA, your creditors can’t garnish that income. A bankruptcy attorney can help you sort the matter out. Consulting a bankruptcy attorney doesn’t always automatically lead to filing a bankruptcy—but a bankruptcy attorney is the person who can look over the specifics of your situation and determine what the best course of action is for you to take. While a bankruptcy attorney will help you file the petition for relief if you want, he or she will first advise you on whether or not this makes the most sense for your situation. Don’t be surprised if the attorney ends up recommending against filing if you meet specific conditions. Consult an attorney such as Donald T Tesch, PS to get started with a...

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About Suing A Vendor For Not Delivering Merchandise

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Are you running low on merchandise because your vendor never showed up to make a delivery? If you have been unable to resolve the problem because the vendor is not cooperating, a litigation lawyer will be able to handle everything on your behalf. There are a few things that you might be able to sue the other party for. In this article, you will learn more about the ways that a lawyer can assist with your dispute. Discuss the Contract to Determine Your Rights                                                                                             The contract will play a major role in the outcome of your case against the vendor. During the initial consultation, the lawyer can review the contract to determine what the responsibilities of the vendor are. For example, he or she will determine if the vendor agreed to deliver your merchandise on specific days. The rights of the vendor in the event of having to delay a delivering will also be searched for in the contract. Other than viewing the contract, the lawyer will give you a chance to explain anything of importance that you want to discuss about the vendor. Investigate the Business Practices of the Vendor Investigating the vendor is one of the services that a lawyer can provide. He or she will find out if the vendor has a history of getting paid for merchandise and not making timely deliveries. The lawyer will also find out if the vendor has ever been sued by any other companies in the past. Get Evidence to Verify Your Claim You can only sue the vendor for any financial losses that your business suffered from his or her actions. For example, the lawyer will need a document that shows the type of merchandise that was to be delivered. You will also need proof that you actually paid the vendor for the merchandise. Proof that your business made less income that usual should also be provided, as the income may be recouped in the lawsuit. Try to Resolve the Case without Going to Court It is common for most business owners to not want a lawsuit against them to be made public. Rather than filing a court petition, the lawyer will likely try to settle the dispute through mediation. If the other party does not agree to mediation for some reason, the lawsuit will be settled via the court system. Mediation is actually the fast way to obtain a settlement. Tell a litigation lawyer, such as Evangelista Worley llc, about your issue with the vendor to get to the bottom of the...

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Effective Strategies For Resolving Your Traffic-Related Marijuana Charges

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Were you involved in a traffic stop and now face marijuana charges? Perhaps it was the first time that you have ever been in trouble. Some people in your situation make the mistake of trying to navigate the judicial system themselves. This can lead to the acceptance of plea deals that may be regretted later. Some people also have to spend time in jail because they choose not to get legal representation. Marijuana convictions can cause you future problems such as being denied certain types of employment. The following are a few benefits you might experience by using a criminal defense lawyer as a resource for your pending case.  Reduced Sentence Perhaps you are facing felony marijuana charges. An attorney could negotiate a plea deal, which could result in a reduced sentence. For example, the prosecution might accept a guilty plea for a lesser charge in your state. This means that you may be able to avoid felony charges if you accept a plea deal for misdemeanor charges.  Dismissed Charges Perhaps a criminal defense attorney will discover facts about your traffic stop that may result in the court deciding to dismiss the charges. For example, they might discover that the traffic stop was unlawful. Police officers have to have probable cause to initiate traffic stops. If you went through a roadblock, you could still have pertinent rights that can protect you. For example, you may not have consented to the search that ultimately resulted in the drugs being discovered. In some jurisdictions, police officers must get a warrant to proceed with search requests that have been refused.  Rehabilitation There are some jurisdictions that have programs in place to curb recidivism. For example, you may have to meet certain requirements, and as long as they are met, your criminal record might be “sealed” if it is your first time getting in trouble. There might also be substance abuse or diversion programs that can keep you out of jail. Any jail time would be spent in these programs, which are aimed towards rehabilitation. These programs might be available to first-time and repeat offenders.  House Arrest If you have a job or other obligations such as an ailing relative that you take care of, you might be eligible for house arrest in your area. This would likely involve you having a curfew and wearing an ankle monitor that tracks your location. People on house arrest have to be extremely careful because this is usually the last option available to stay out of jail. If sentencing terms are violated, judges may sign warrants for physical arrest.  For more information, contact local professionals like Jeffrey D. Larson, Attorney at...

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Immigration Petitions: What You Know Now Can Help You Later

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If you are filing an immigration petition to have a relative be able to relocate to the United States, it will help you to know ahead of time why the petition might be denied. If you know now, then you can take steps to ensure your application does not trigger one of those causes. Waiting for approval or denial of the petition can be nerve-wracking, but if you’ve done all you can to satisfy the requirements and avoid those denials that are avoidable, the wait should be a lot calmer. Missing a Deadline Some versions of the petition, for lack of a better term, have deadlines. For example, if you are the person who is the subject of the petition, and your spouse, who was supposed to file the petition, dies, AllLaw says you can still file another petition, but you need to do it within two years of your spouse’s death. If you forget to do that, the petition can be denied easily. Even if there have been no deaths, keep track of all potential deadlines and do not put off doing paperwork. Missing a Fee Sadly, immigration fees change all the time, often with little warning if you’re not constantly watching them. Double-check the fees at the time you file the petition. In other words, don’t check the fees when you start filling out the petition or when you decide to file in the first place. Check the day you send it in. If you have other forms you need to fill out and send in, check the fees for those on the days you send them as well. It sounds like a pain, but it will save you much more pain later on. Not Enough Documentation Whether you forgot a copy of a birth certificate or your marriage was a whirlwind romance without a lot of prior contact, a lack of documentation showing your relationship and the history of the relationship can tank your petition in a heartbeat. Petitions based on marriage can be particularly tricky because there is so much fraud out there; immigration officials may scrutinize your petition if it’s based on a quick marriage. Even sibling and parent relationships need adequate documents because immigration officials won’t go simply by last names or by people just saying you’re related. You need to provide documentation that proves, without a doubt, that everyone is who they say they are. It is also possible to have your petition denied because immigration officials made a mistake, but there’s not much you can do about that except talk to a good immigration attorney at a law firm like Tesoroni & Leroy to find out how to re-file. In the meantime, you can watch out for the other potential denial reasons and do your best to avoid...

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Three Things To Avoid During Questioning At A Disability Hearing

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Once you’ve filed the appropriate papers for your disability suit, you might think the hard part is over and that you’ll soon be notified about when you’ll be receiving your SSDI benefits. However, you still need to talk to an administrative judge at a hearing specifically designed to learn more about you and your particular needs. This can make you uncomfortable, but if you can manage to steer clear of the following errors, your hearing should go well. Repeating Information in Your File Because you are nervous, you might want to just repeat what your doctor’s notes say, especially if you’ve spent time looking through your medical records. You may think that way, you won’t say anything that could jeopardize your claim. However, the administrative judge has likely already looked at everything in your file in preparation for your hearing, so they don’t need that information again. What they need is to have information from you about how your disability is manifesting in your life. Speak plainly about what you’re dealing with. Not Giving Examples Your plan might be to answer direct questions and nothing more during your questioning. However, before your hearing, think about specific examples you can share to show what life is like for you. Do your muscles ache throughout the day? Are you having seizures more often? Are you unable to think clearly? Offering specific instances that detail how your health interferes with tasks and work can bolster your claims. The judge will be better able to understand why you cannot continue to work as you have been. Making Things Seem Worse Than They Are It can be very easy to start trying to earn sympathy from the judge who is asking you questions. You may start to think that you’ll make things better for yourself if you overstate your disability and stress how awful life is as a result. This is exceedingly risky; remember that the judge hears these kinds of cases all the time and can make a reasonably accurate assessment of whether someone is being truthful. Not only that, but you could make statements that directly contradict what your physician’s remarks say. If that happens, you could be in real danger of losing any benefits you thought you’d receive. It can be nerve-wracking to talk to a judge about your disability. Using the advice in this article can help. Think about consulting a lawyer from a law firm like Bruce K Billman to get more guidance for your testimony and to oversee your entire case so that you have a better chance of earning...

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Loved One Died While In The Hospital? Two Reasons Why You May Need A Wrongful Death Attorney

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If a loved one recently passed away while in the hospital, you may be left reeling.  This is especially true if the individual seemed to be getting better, only to take a dramatic turn for the worse.  While it’s easy to imagine that it was simply their time to go, it’s possible that you still have some suspicions.  Use this information to learn more about why it may be time to hire a wrongful death attorney. Attorneys Can Call In Expert Witnesses The main reason why you should hire an attorney after a loved one dies while under medical watch is because the lawyer can bring in expert witnesses.  This is critical, because you’re going to need the evidence that they can provide in order to substantiate your case. For example, your attorney may bring in a non-biased medical doctor who can review the particulars of the malady that your loved one had.  Based upon their experience and research, they’ll be able to give a more compelling testimony concerning whether or not the treatment that was administered was the right method for the illness.  You may not even be aware of the ways that your loved one may have been mishandled, but the expert witness can help to make it plain for you. Armed with the testimony of the expert witness, you’ll be able to file a compelling lawsuit so that you can receive restitution for your tremendous loss. Attorneys Understand That Time Matters Another reason why it’s so important to have a lawyer on your side in a wrongful death case is because these legal professionals understand that time matters.  The longer you wait before compiling and filing your case, the more evidence will be lost. You need to take swift action so you can get everything you need.  If some wrongdoing was indeed the culprit behind the death of your loved one, important records, tapes, and other forms of evidence may be destroyed by the person who was responsible.  Your attorney can obtain the permits necessary to secure this information before someone has a chance to get rid of the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Getting a wrongful death attorney could turn out to be one of the best decisions you could have made.  When your loved one has passed away while in medical care, contact an attorney, such as those found at Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis, so you can enjoy these benefits and many...

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Injured While Camping In A National Park? Who To Sue And How To Sue Them

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If you go camping in a national park and you are injured there, you may be able to sue. While most people assume that camping in a state park comes with some risks (e.g., encountering hungry wildlife, tripping over tree roots, etc.), certain injuries above and beyond these risks may be viewed as grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Here is how your personal injury lawyer will determine who to sue and how. Man-made Features Versus Natural Wonders First and foremost, you cannot sue the government (the regulating body for the national parks system) for any natural wonder that causes you harm. For example, if you got too close to the edge of a hot geyser and were burned by the hot water as it erupted from its opening in the ground, you cannot sue for that. On the flip side, if you used a toilet in one of the bathrooms or available outhouses in the park and you were bitten by wildlife in that facility or the toilet exploded underneath you because of a plumbing problem in the park, then you can sue. In these cases, a man-made structure or facility was the primary cause of your injuries. If you only suffered injuries because of plumbing problems, you may be able to sue the governing body. If you incurred injuries because of wayward wildlife, you can sue the park staff who should have cleared the restrooms of unwanted pests and/or wildlife. Issues with Predatory Wildlife If you did nothing to encourage or antagonize larger predatory animals in the park but they attacked you anyway, you may be able to sue for this. Sometimes when the park rangers are aware that there may be a man-eating animal in the park, they may post signs for campers to “camp at your own risk,” or they may just try to eliminate the problem with campers in the park with no warning. If they were aware of a possible problem with a predatory animal (bear, puma, wolf, coyote, etc.) and did not warn you and you were hurt as a result, you may be able to sue the park rangers and/or the governing bodies for that particular national park. How to Sue Your personal injury lawyer will examine any and all contracts you may have signed prior to paying for a camping spot in the park, if applicable. If there are no contracts or fine print barring you from suing, then your lawyer will take a look at the precedence of cases involving injuries in national parks to determine what laws apply and how to proceed. Then he or she will file a lawsuit on your behalf and schedule a date for the hearing. You will need to provide all of the documentation necessary for your case and appear for your hearing on time. Any appeals or additonal hearings on the matter will also be handled by your...

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Helping Your Child With Epilepsy Receive Social Security Benefits

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Children with epilepsy are dealt a very difficult hand early in life. Many will find it difficult to grow and progress due to their disorder, and will experience a wide range of problems. Understanding the impact of this disease and the way that social security can help, can give your child the support they need to live a full and happy life. The Impact On Your Child’s Life Will Be Immediate If your child has epilepsy or develops symptoms later in life, they are going to suffer from a variety of problems that make their life more difficult. The severity of this condition makes it likely that these problems will be immediate and difficult to manage. Children who suffer from epilepsy may have many of the following concerns: Issues with academic career Learning disabilities Behavioral problems caused by their seizures Problems emotionally dealing with seizures Difficulty fitting in with peers and others This can make them more difficult to raise or cause problems later in their life. People with epilepsy often have a hard time finishing school, developing relationships, or becoming financially independent. This doesn’t have to be the fate of your child, as social security benefits can ensure that they have some form of support later in life. This can help them finish college and find a successful career. Beyond that, it can also help them receive the physical and mental health benefits they need to manage their symptoms and live a happy life. Ensuring Your Child Qualifies There are a few different ways that your child can qualify for social security disability for epilepsy. The first of these is qualifying through the Blue Book listing. This manual includes a variety of disability listings that help gauge whether a person requires social security to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. These qualifications include: Daytime seizures that cause your child to lose consciousness or severely convulse Seizures during that night that make it difficult to function during the day Seizures for at least one month after being on seizure medications for three months These qualifications are strictly for convulsive epilepsy. For non-convulsive, you require evidence of seizures during the day and night that cause unusual behaviors, difficulty staying awake, difficulty thinking, and other issues that make life difficult. However, your child can also qualify for epilepsy through an RFC analysis, which includes reports on how epilepsy affects your child on a daily basis. Make sure to fill these out with your child in a detailed manner in order to make sure they qualify. It’s also worth knowing that you may be able to receive tax benefits if your child has epilepsy and that they might be able to receive the same benefits as an adult. To learn more about your options and to sort through your child’s disability rights, please contact a social security disability lawyer, like Drummond Law LLC-Disability...

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