Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law
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Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

As a business owner, keeping informed about the finer points of employment law is important. If you're getting ready to hire your first employees, you need to be sure that you understand exactly what you can and cannot do. Don't risk getting yourself into legal trouble by asking the wrong question at the interview or making an off-hand comment that's considered legally unacceptable. I created this site to give you the basics of employment law expectations. I hope that the information here helps you to understand what you should and shouldn't do as you're interviewing and hiring your first staff members.


Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

  • What To Expect From A Guardianship Attorney

    22 August 2023

    A guardianship attorney is a legal professional who specializes in matters related to guardianship. Guardianship is a legal arrangement in which one person (the guardian) is granted legal authority and responsibility to make decisions on behalf of another person (the ward) who is unable to make decisions for themselves due to age, incapacity, or disability. Here's what you can generally expect from a guardianship attorney: Expertise in Guardianship Laws A guardianship attorney should have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding guardianship in your state.

  • Understanding What Is Meant By Car Accident Evidence

    13 July 2023

    In a typical vehicle accident case, various types of evidence play a crucial role in determining liability, damages, and the overall strength of the case. Here is an overview of the evidence involved in a vehicle accident case and the role of a personal injury lawyer in that pursuit: Accident scene evidence: This includes photographs of the accident scene, road conditions, skid marks, debris, and any property damage caused by the accident.

  • Disability Lawyer: Denied Social Security Benefits

    7 June 2023

    Navigating the complexities of the Social Security disability benefits system can be challenging, especially for elderly individuals who are facing health issues. Unfortunately, many deserving applicants find their initial claims denied, which can be disheartening and overwhelming. In such situations, seeking the assistance of a disability lawyer becomes crucial to appeal the decision and fight for the benefits you deserve. Expertise in Disability Law Disability lawyers specialize in the field of disability law and have a deep understanding of the intricate regulations and requirements of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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    28 April 2023

    Divorce is never easy, and while some divorces are amicable and fairly easy to solve, others can be difficult and combative. If you are going through a divorce, you will want to find the best divorce law firm that will fit your needs and can help you resolve any issues that have arisen.  Here are some tips on finding the best divorce law firm that can help you with finalizing your divorce.

  • Property Tax Through The Roof? 2 Reasons To File An Appeal

    22 February 2023

    Paying property tax on your house can be quite helpful to the surrounding community. Property taxes that are collected from local homeowners are used to cover expenses associated with public schooling, first responders, and a host of other public service costs that could otherwise be neglected. However, as beneficial as property taxes are for the greater good, there are times when you may be shocked at the amount you are charged when you receive your annual notice.