Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law
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Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

As a business owner, keeping informed about the finer points of employment law is important. If you're getting ready to hire your first employees, you need to be sure that you understand exactly what you can and cannot do. Don't risk getting yourself into legal trouble by asking the wrong question at the interview or making an off-hand comment that's considered legally unacceptable. I created this site to give you the basics of employment law expectations. I hope that the information here helps you to understand what you should and shouldn't do as you're interviewing and hiring your first staff members.


Employer Fundamentals: Understanding Employment Law

  • When To Hire A Personal Injury Law Office

    4 May 2020

    Not every injury resulting from an accident necessarily warrants the hiring of a personal injury law firm.  In many cases there is a clear-cut at-fault party, or there are no issues with valid insurance claims being filed or paid.  However, it is sometimes possible for there to be complications in either the process of filing a valid insurance claim, in quantifying the amount of the injury, or in having a valid claim paid by the corresponding insurance company.

  • How Distracted Driving And Negligence Per Se Relate In Accident Law

    26 March 2020

    When a car accident attorney pursues a case against a driver who was distracted, the logic that is oftentimes applied is what's called negligence per se. This is a legal inference of negligence that's drawn from what might otherwise be a reasonable action. For example, most folks would consider it reasonable to change the track playing on their vehicle's radio. That reasonableness argument, however, becomes negligence per se when the person proves to be so distracted that they cause an accident.

  • What To Expect In A Demand Letter Response

    25 February 2020

    After you have sent a personal injury demand letter, the defendant (through their insurance company) has a limited time to respond. Below are some of the things to expect with the response. Total Acceptance The insurance company may accept your offer on its face value. This is possible, but very rare. Insurance companies always want to negotiate to reduce their payouts. Such acceptance may mean that your demand was weaker than it should've been.

  • Hiring A DUI Attorney When You Are Charged With Driving Under The Influence

    22 January 2020

    No matter how minor you think being charged with a DUI might be, understand that any conviction against you is important. By hiring a DUI lawyer, you will put up a strong defense in an effort to be found innocent of the charges. One guilty finding on your record can become a hurdle that you have to overcome for the rest of your life. Some people are tempted to plead guilty in order to receive their consequences and move on, while others will go with the public defender as their only defense.

  • Tips For Administering An Estate Correctly

    16 December 2019

    Dealing with death can be beyond difficult, so the last thing you will want to do is muddle this terrain even more by not having your ducks in a row when it comes to the estate. By learning the ins and outs of administering the estate, you will be better able to make the correct decisions that will enforce your loved one's wishes. In addition to reaching out to an estate administration attorney, you will need to ensure that you have a gameplan for handling their estate execution from start to finish.